By majority vote, the members of the Gastineau Genealogical Society having ratified the

                                original Charter of this Society on 26 October 1985, now hereby adopt these Amended

                                Articles I and III on this 10th day of October 1992.



Name, Status, Membership & Area Encompassed

            The Society shall be a loosely-knit organization operating the name of the Gastineau Genealogical Society; hereinafter shown as:  the Society.


                The Society is organized as a non-profit organization, and is formed exclusively for literary and Scientific research purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3( of the Internal Revenue Code.


                No part of the Society’s net earnings will inure to the benefit of any individual.


                The Society will not, as a substantial part of its activities, attempt to influence legislation or participate to any extent in a political campaign for or against any candidate for public office.


                Membership in the Society shall be available to all persons residing within the boundaries of the Unified City & Borough of Juneau, Alaska; as well as to all other persons, wherever they may reside, who share the same common interests in Genealogical Research.




            The duration of the life of the Society shall be perpetual.




            The purposes for which the Society is formed are as follows:


                1.   To promote and encourage Genealogical Research;


                2.   To assist members, and others in the community, in their pursuit of Genealogical Research;


                3.   To maintain, as appropriate, within the membership, a depository of Genealogical reference materials (i.e.; books, periodicals, Microfilms, Microfiche, Foreign Language Dictionaries, etc.) for use by members on an in-house basis (or on a check-out basis, my mutual agreement);


                4.   To act as ordering/buying agent for members in securing Genealogical reference materials, etc. from sources offering discounts to, or from sources who sell only to, Genealogical Societies;


                5.   To take whatever additional actions or set whatever policies or priorities the members agree are necessary to further the common interests of the members;


                6.   To accept voluntary contributions and otherwise raise and expend funds in furtherance of the Society’s goals and purposes, including the infrequent production and distribution of printed or microfilmed (or computerized) genealogical research aids as special Society projects;


            7.   Upon dissolution of the Society, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code, or shall be distributed to the Federal Government, or to the State or local government for a public purpose.



Membership and Dues

            The Society is intended to be a loosely-knit organization. Membership is voluntary and is open to anyone who is interested in Genealogical Research. Membership may be in the name of one or more individuals or in the name of a family; eg: Tom and Myrna Ralston; or “the Ralston Family”.


            There shall be no Annual Membership Dues, unless the membership at large should so decide, by simple vote, to so establish such an annual dues of a given amount.



Voting Rights

            Each membership as defined above shall be entitled to one vote.




            The Society shall hold not less than one meeting per calendar year at a place and time to be set at least two weeks prior to the meeting. Additional meetings may be scheduled, as appropriate.



Services to Members – Section 1 – Ordering of Products/Services

            The Society’s Contracting Officer/Purchasing Agent (CO/PA) shall perform all purchasing duties for the securing of reference or other materials or services for the Society and its members, upon request.


            Members shall submit their requests to the CO/PA in as complete detail as is possible; describing the product or service desired, source (complete name and address, if possible), price, etc.


            If source, etc. is unknown to member, CO/PA and/or other members may be of assistance in determining source or other data.


Services to Members – Section 2 – Recovery of Costs

            All costs incurred by the Society in securing products or services for a specific member or group of members shall be borne by that particular member or group of members.


            All costs incurred by the Society in securing products or services for the Society as a whole shall be borne by all members of the Society and shall be recovered by appropriate assessment of all members.






Services to Members – Section 3 – Definition of “All Costs”

            “All Costs” as referred to in Section 2 above shall include, but not be limited to:


                        1.   Actual cost of product or service ordered;


                        2.   All shipping and handling costs (including Postage and Insurance), as appropriate


                        3.   Any and all sales or other taxes on the product or service;


                        4.   Cost of Special Remittance Instrument (if required by vendor); eg: Cashier’s Check, Postal Money Order, etc.;


                        5.   A “Handling Charge” to cover all costs incurred by the CO/PA in placing the original order; as well as all costs incurred in required follow-ups; such costs to include, but not be limited to – “all copying costs, check writing costs, mailing costs, etc.”.


                        6.   All such costs, as defined above, shall be, to the greatest extent possible, deposited with the Society’s CO/PA at the time of the request for the purchase.




            The members of the Society shall elect a President, Vice-President and Secretary; each of whom shall serve for a period of two years and whose principal duties are as follows:


            1.   President and Vice President:  Chair meetings; Solicit volunteer efforts by members whenever necessary; Appoint sub-committees as needed; Function as Contracting Officer/Purchasing Agent (CO/PA) for the Society – or appoint another member to so function; Obligate and/or expend Society funds as required in the conduct of the Society’s business; Prepare Society Newsletters, as appropriate; and Perform other duties which might arise in the lawful conduct of the Society’s business.


            2.   Secretary/Treasurer:   To take and transcribe minutes of meetings; Perform typing duties for the Society, as required; Maintain membership rosters; Maintain telephone and address lists as needed; Maintain Society Bank Account (should the Society determine a Bank Account to be necessary at some future date); and to Perform bookkeeping functions, periodically reporting the financial condition of the Society, should such functions become necessary.



Regulating Internal Affairs – Meetings

            At Society meetings, all maters, regardless of importance, shall be determined by a vote of a majority of the members present.






Section 1 – Frequency and Contents

            If the membership at large votes to initiate a Newsletter, such Newsletter shall be distributed to all members of the Society as frequently as dictated by the members in such vote.


            Each Newsletter will normally contain the following information as appropriate:


                        1.   The Heading: Gastineau Genealogical Society Newsletter;


`                       2.   The date of circulation, as well as the mailing address of the Society;


                        3.   The names and telephone numbers of the officers of the Society;


                        4.   A listing of Countries, States, Areas, Locales, etc. presently being researched by fellow members; to the extent to which they have been related to the Officers of the Society;


                        5.    Special Notes or other elements of interest to the members.


Section 2 – Role of President/Vice President and CO/PA

            The President shall be primarily responsible for, and the Vice-President shall be secondarily responsible, for the contents and the preparation of the Society Newsletters; the CO/PA shall be primarily responsible for the distribution thereof.


Section 3 – Recovery of Costs of Newsletters

            All costs for preparing and delivering each such Newsletter shall be recovered from the members in accordance with ARTICLE VII – Services to Members.  NOTE:   There shall be no “Handling Charge” applied to Newsletter cost recovery.



Amending/Revising Charter/By-Laws

            This Charter/By-Laws may be amended, modified, or otherwise revised by a vote of a simple majority of the Society’s members present at any ARTICLE VI meeting; providing appropriate notice of such intent has been served upon the membership in writing in advance of such meeting.


            A copy of each such Amendment/Revision/Modification shall be distributed to each member as soon thereafter as is possible.












Matters not Covered in Charter/By-Laws

            Matters not covered by this Charter/By-Laws shall be determined at the discretion of the President and with the concurrence of the other Officers and shall be brought to the attention of the membership for their concurrence, or refusal, at the next ARTICLE VI Meeting.


These Original Charter/By-Laws were established on the 26th day of July, 1985 at Juneau, Alaska; and are subject to the final approval of the membership at large.



                                                            By:  /s/ O. R. Kent                                /s/  Mary M. Zahn                                                                                 O. R. Kent                              Mary M. Zahn

                                                                    Co-Founder                            Co-Founder